About Willie Wilde Inks

Well hello there! So nice to meet you...

I am an offbeat, creative spirit with a penchant for bright colours, bold patterns, and modern design with a quirky twist!

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My passion for art and design led me on a journey to somehow incorporate illustration pattern and colour into contemporary and unique wearable art mediums – which could also be changed or converted into a new piece easily.

The interchangeable jewellery collections found within my brand Willie Wilde Inks always seek to tick the following boxes (the characteristics I value the most)

  • Versatility : a piece that could be taken from day to night, easily at home with a tshirt & jeans or a suit
  • Durability : carefully crafted using the highest quality metals, stones or leather
  • Desirability : designed according to current trends both fashionable & unique
  • Affordability : interchangeable pieces can be addictively fun therefore collecting designs needs to be guilt-free. There is way too much guilt in our lives already! Too much chocolate, too much wine, too much credit card debt – you know how it goes!!

Willie Wilde Inks is always a work in progress.

I’m constantly learning new techniques and exploring new ideas to keep it fresh and innovative. As a designer I am always open to the challenge of what my followers are looking to next.

I have absolutely loved every part of creating this exciting little venture Willie Wilde Inks.

Cheers, Peace & Love - Heidi

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